The all-in-one multi-channel e-commerce platform for seamless customer service engagement

The platform you need to create a great customer experience.

Build powerful workflows to drive omnichannel conversations while staying personal

Let your team manage increased conversations and delight your customers through context-driven engagement.


Unify siloed conversations across  your channels using one platform.


Save time answering questions with personalized responses.


Work seamlessly with different teams for faster customer resolution.


Deliver customer support, and let your team focus on important tasks.


Track your overall performance through simple insights to get better.


Connect your exiting applications to support your engagement.


Make it easy for your team to streamline support across channels and focus on customer experience

The building blocks for cross-channel support experience that represents your brand.


Engage proactively with your customers across e-commerce platforms, live chat, bots, and social messaging.


Reply or follow up faster with custom bots, canned and personalized replies.


Collect and prioritize information and channel them to the right team member.


See what your customers are typing to plan and respond in faster.

Optimize Engagement

Boost your interactions through the customer's journey.

Manage peak time

Gain control of your engagement even with increased chat volume.

Seamless Experience

Deliver a streamlined, personal and effortless customer experience.


Combine powerful workflows and automation to deliver personalised engagement

Automate workflows to save time for customers and your team.

Automate repetitive tasks to spend more time where it matters most

Make it fast and efficient by handling routine work so your team can focus on essential tasks.

  • Chatbots to support your customer engagement
  • Business rules to save time for your customers
  • Manage engagement and focus on the experience
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Engage and assign conversations through intelligent routing.


Personalise interactions to deliver an experience unique to your customers.

No-code automation

Build hassle-free workflows to organize, and prioritize conversations.

Canned replies

Save common answers to easily insert them into conversations.

Task management

Managing tasks has never looked this simple. Create tasks with the right level of informationand more

Simplify your task management and empower your teams to work efficiently.

Create Kanban boards to visualize the tickets that need to get done

Visualize your tasks on a board, and move through multiple stages in one space.

  • Comments to clarify what needs to be done
  • Task details to see which tasks require attention
  • Multiple views to keep important task  visible
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Switch views

Switch between Kanban board  or list to visualize work the way you want.

Set workflows

Streamline routine tasks with rules to automate your tasks assignment.

Spot bottlenecks

Identify where the bottlenecks are to prevent future backlogs seamlessly.


Access context-driven activities within customer profiles to get the right information at your fingertips

Scale your customer relationships, not your contact records.

Tap into your customer data with every conversation for personalized engagement

Get complete customer context every time you engage in a conversation.

  • Personalized interaction for better experiences
  • Targeting and enrichment for each interaction
  • Contextual engagement and interactive messages
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Customer Profile

Manage your customer profiles and improve your visibility.


See your customer’s interactions to deliver personal support.


Build your engagement strategy based on visitor data.


Streamline internal communication and productivity to drive customer resolution a step forward

The workspace you need to make team collaborations straightforward.

Create workspaces for your teams, and solve customer inquiries faster

Collaborate, share updates and documents with different teams. 

  • Collaboration for challenging cases
  • Create teams for multiple accounts.
  • Simplify your work to deliver experience
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Search for messages, files and links across all accounts with ease.


Add internal comments to clarify exactly what needs to be done.


Create tasks and follow-up instantly to keep track of all your key priorities.


Centralise, manage, and share your files for faster accessibility.


Knowledge Base that makes it simpler to deliver good customer service

Let your customers find answers they are looking for smoothly.

Provide your customers with 24/7 support before they connect with your team

Things you need to launch help center articles for every website.

  • Built-in SSL certification
  • Customisable Knowledgebase
  • Livechat integration
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Articles and sections

Manage your articles to help your customers find what they need.

Insights and reports

Performance metrics to build a best-in-class knowledge base.

Multiple sites

Launch multiple Knowledge bases to support your business needs

Empower your team

Fully integrated knowledgebase to make support easy.


Deliver actionable insights to recognize improvements for a seamless customer experience

Connect the dots and identify challenges before they become issues.

Get clarity on your customer interactions and team performance to know what works

Tap on your multi-channel customer interactions and team performance insights without losing the thread.

  • Customer feedback simplified to track your SLAs
  • Gain visibility on your best-performing teams 
  • Predict staffing needs based on chat metrics
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Chat distribution

 Identify chat density to trace the source for better resource allocation.

Chat volume

Track visitors’ and your teams’ productivity to increase satisfaction.


Track your inbound languages and countries for better team planning.

Team performance

See chat volume, response time, and more to understand your workload.


Save time and deliver proactive customer engagement by connecting your existing applications

Build a complete customer journey from the apps you already have.

Do more by connecting your tools to drive team efficiency and customer satisfaction

Seamless integration

Code-free integrations to boost your customer engagement through your existing applications.

Context supercharged

Connect your existing services to spend less time looking up information and switching between platforms.

Connect Raincheck to your website
and begin delivering conversational customer experience

The platform you need to streamline your customer experience with ease.

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