Our aim is to provide you with the technology to drive multi-channels messaging engagement and enhance your customer experience

Engaging your visitors across multiple messaging channelsshouldn’t be chaos. We have built our platform to help you drive team communications and external engagement while keeping your processesclear and organized

With Raincheck, you have clear visibility of who you are communicating with and what should be done. This level of focus helps your team members and departments collaborate with less friction.

One team, multiple, values, diverse backgrounds

We focus on agility and product management to drive innovation while keeping an eye on our key values, at least we try.

Raincheck is an equal opportunity bunch of people working from around the world, who embrace diversity and inclusion

We are connected through our values that serve as the foundation of our day-to-day collaboration.


“It's not who we are, it's who we want to be.” More than a company, we’re a team. And it matters who you work with.


The best ideas come from actionable feedback - and when everyone has the opportunity to voice their opinion, amazing things happen.


We think mindfulness is incredibly important for our health and happiness and we are always exploring different ways to be mindful.


We believe people should find their true selves - from within and from each other. Let the light shine in.


Empowerment is not a destination. Find your inner sparkle over here through courage, acceptance, and conviction.


To know what strength really is, you must first know what weakness is. It’s a journey that requires courage, acceptance, and conviction.

The amazing team behind Raincheck

The people behind all the magic and are on a mission to simplify multi-channel messaging


Frontend genius


Frontend genius


Backend nerd


Partnerships advocate


Product Yoda


Support addict


Success enabler


The fantastic four

You could be the next

Team player